Kevin Molloy
Kevin Molloy
Assistant Professor Computer Science
PhD Computer Science 2015
About Me

I am an assistant professor at James Madison University in the computer science department. My research focuses on the development of novel algorithms for modeling complex systems. I am currently working in the field of computational protein design, specifically focusing on techniques to measure flexibility in different protein regions (which influences the docking with other molecular partners). My research goal is to develop algorithms to further our understand of the roles proteins play in both healthy and unhealthy cells and to utilize this information to not just treat disease, but prevent disease. I am also investigating other disciplines (mainly robotics) to which these algorithms can be applied. I did my graduate work at George Mason University with Amarda Shehu (Shehu Computational Biology Lab). My PhD work focused on the development of algorithms to model protein systems, focusing on the complex relationship between protein sequence, structure, and dynamics. I completed an 18 month post-doctoral fellowship at CNRS-LAAS in Toulouse, France with Juan Cortés where I started to investigate different methods to model protein flexibility and algorithms to simultanously optimize design and motion.

Between my undergraduate and graduate studies, my wife and I established Molloy Software Associates (MSA) in 1997. MSA specializes in assisting businesses with very large Oracle databases (VLDBs). Specifically, we address issues with scalability, redundancy, and performance modeling (both analytical and benchmarking). Please see my resume for more information regarding some of our projects and experiences.

Other hobbies of mine include playing guitar (both classical and rock), cooking, aviation, photography, and sports (running, biking, swimming, triathlons).

Contact Info

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